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	A new initiative to reinvigorate Branch Avenue at Naylor Road and the Saint Barnabas road Commercial corridor.
Farmers' Market Events & Activities
Farmers' Market Gallery
Public Safety Day
During the summer, BAIB partnered with the Prince George's County Police Department and the County Fire Department, to host Public Safety Day. During this event, police and firemen engaged with the public through sharing tips on how to stay safe during the summer. Other activities included an exchange of public safety resources, tours through public safety vehicles (i.e. police cars and fire trucks), and free public safety gear for kids.
2014 Fall Festival
On November 22, 2014 BAIB partnered with the Suitland Civic Association to host the farmers' market's first annual Fall Festival. This event celebrated the end of the 2014 season and featured live music and entertainment, free hot chocolate and hot apple cider, and gitfcard giveaways.

Bojangles and Dunkin Donuts provided hot water for the free hot drinks. Giftcards were donated from Wegmans.

Pumpkin Carving Contest
On October 26th, 2013, the Farmers’ Market hosted its first annual Pumpkin Carving contest. The contestants were students from local elementary school Overlook Elementary. Pumpkins were placed on display at the market and were voted on by the market visitors via ballot.

Local business owners also participated by providing prizes for the winners. The local Little Caesar's donated 8 boxes of pizza for the class that came in 1st place and Iverson Mall donated cupcakes and cookies for the classes that came in 2nd and 3rd place.

Health Screenings
BAIB has join the list of Farmers' Markets to partner with George Washington University's MPH Program to facilitate free health screenings at the market. GWU nurses have conducted screenings that range from body composition to blood pressure checks.